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Outreach Programs for Title 1 School Students

You find some amazing creatures at Ft. De Soto Park!

You find some amazing creatures at Ft. De Soto Park!


  • School Science Fairs

  • Open House Events

  • Great American Teach-In Day



Fort De Soto Park:

Environmental studies include tours along the beach shoreline and coastal hammock, study of live benthic species in touch tanks, water conversation activity (environscape) and the affects of marine debris. Fourth  graders visit the historic fort.

A sack lunch is enjoyed before returning to school.


Participants at Ft. De Soto

Participants at Ft. De Soto

Creatures found on the beach

Look what we discovered!


Student Thank You Letters 

Lealman-sketch-33 lealman-letters-1
 lealman-letters-32 lealman-letters-10 

Weedon Island Preserve:

The school trip begins with an interpretive hike along a boardwalk through the coastal wetlands, followed by a classroom hands-on archeological study of ancient artifacts found at Weedon Island.

  • A tour of the museum and prehistoric canoe exhibit is followed by a picnic lunch.
  • Free transportation  provided for all field trips.
  • Total student participation from 2011-2015, approximately 1500 students and 170 teachers and chaperones.

Emma Mason, Education Program Coordinator