The future of the Refuges and their wildlife is, in large part, dependent on our youth and their understanding of sustainability and conservation, we offer K-5 environmental enrichment programs on-site at Pinellas County public schools. All programs are taught by certified Florida Master Naturalists, are offered free of charge, and meet the Sunshine State Curriculum Standards. Educators interested in offering our programs to their students should contact us at Please include your contact information, school, grade level, and the program that you would like to have offered to the students. We will respond within several days to discuss our program in more detail and learn if what we can offer will meet your needs.


Listed below are the programs that we offer: FIDDLER CRAB STUDY (K-5) Students learn the importance of this commonly found crustacean in relations to its coastal habitat while observing live fiddler crabs. (Offered March – June) DINING WITH OWLS (K-5) Students explore the wide variety of Florida owls, their habitats, how and what they hunt, and what threatens their survival. USE YOUR SENSES (K-5) Students fine tune their observational skills by using their touch, hearing, smell, and sight senses in an outdoor setting. ANTLION SAFARI (3-5) Students enjoy a school yard safari in seach of antlion larvae and the insects that feed them. The insects and antlion are captured and contained in a plastic tub for classroom observation as the larvae transforms into an adult. Excellent journaling opportunity for older students. FLORIDA HABITATS Healthy Land Equals Healthy Water (3-5) Students learn effective stewardship of the land and our natural water resources, water allocation and conservation in their home and community and, through a hands-on game, the importance of environmental ethics and exploration.