We offer numerous and varied volunteer opportunities to full-time and seasonal residents who would like to give back to their community, love making new friends with similar interests, and are passionate about conservation and sustainability.

All volunteer opportunities raise public awareness of the essential role that habitat and fish and wildlife play in maintaining a sustainable, environmentally sound future with a focus on the Tampa Bay Refuges and the National Wildlife Refuge system. Most importantly, through volunteering with the Refuges you will meet and work with people like you who care deeply about the environment and want to contribute to assuring that its natural areas, fish, and wildlife remain protected and healthy.

Opportunities for volunteering either on the Refuges or in their support, include:

  • Bird Stewarding during the late spring and early summer to educate the public and provide protection to birds who use the island for nesting and resting.
  • Facilitating educational outreach programs targeted for K-5 students.
  • Removing exotic plants.
  • Cleanups of everything from mono-filament (abandoned fish lines) to plastic containers, styrofoam, machinery, plastic bags, and many other products that can cause serious damage and even death to our fish and wildlife.
  • Bird counts to monitor populations.
  • Repairs to Egmont Key’s buildings and equipment.
  • Public environmental information programs.
  • Web-site management.
  • Communications.
  • Exhibiting at local environmental festivals.
  • Fund-raising through community oriented activities.

To learn more about volunteering with Friends, please email us at Friends@TampaBayRefuges.org.